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Not Everything Green is Grass

More often than not, our pastures are filled with green things that provide very little nutrition to our equines. 

Do not mistake weeds for appropriate forage 

for your equine.  

Compacted, Poorly-draining Soil

Poorly-draining soil will prevent new growth and drown the existing forage, eliminating our equine's most biologically natural source of nutrition. 

Young, New Growth

One of the most detrimental mistakes in restoring a pasture is allowing grazing before new growth has growth to a sustainable height. This new growth is not mature enough to sustain neither the pasture 

nor our equines. 

Long-Stem Forage

Long-stem forage is the best form of pasture forage, both for the health of the pasture (to promote diversity in the ecosystem), but also for the health of our equines. Long-stem forage provides the best, 

most complete nutrition our equines.