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Summer Treats

As the summer months approach, 

consider Aterak as the perfect place

to grab a gift for your favorite equestrian!

We have all new Aterak merchandise

that will be available for pre-order soon,

and our Aterak Delights make for the perfect equine gift!

Most horse owners are limited in their grain selection due to 

convenience of location instead of preference. 

Aterak Nutrition has solved both problems. 

We provide superior nutrition delivered right to your horse. 

Plus every grain line we provide contains complete nutrition meaning 

NO additional supplements needed - EVER. 

Allow us to make a difference in your equine today!

Aterak Nutrition offers seven lines of superior nutritional grain products all mixed in a certified non-medicated 

facility in NC.

Our grain formulas only utilize fresh products and optimal ingredients, guaranteeing consistent excellence 

every feeding.   

Pictured: Flourish

All of our grains are mixed in a certified non-medicated mill, eliminating the chance of medicated 

contamination in your feed.

Tired of chasing supplements because the nutrition in your grain just isn't enough by itself?

Every product line offered by Aterak Nutrition contains optimal nutrition - no additional supplementation is needed or recommended.  Save time, save money, but never settle on nutritional standards. 

Pictured: Prosper Plus

Tired of chasing hay? We offer a COMPLETE FEED line Flourish. Daily hay, grain, and balanced nutrients all in the bag. No hassle - so you can spend more time doing what you love with your horse. 

Pictured: Signature

Competitive Edge​






Complete Feed 



Easy Keepers




Metabolic Miracle

Metabolic Relief


Our feeds have been proven to reduce anxiety and bolting during feeding. The unique application of hay mixed with the grain allows the horse to absorb all the provided nutrients in the digestive system, starting with increased chewing. Our lines target and provide all essential nutrients for 8 different lifestyles of equines, idle to intense competition.  See what Aterak Nutrition can do for you and your equine!

What Our Horse Owners Are Saying

He looks amazing! So fit and shinier than a new penny!  Every time I see him in the pasture I just smile.  There is an obvious difference between him and the other horses at the barn. He has never felt so attentive and willing under saddle.

- Sharon B. (Willow Springs, NC)

What Our Horse Owners Are Saying

Everything about this feed is exceptional!

- Meghan K. (Lawsonville, NC)

What Our Horse Owners Are Saying

I see huge differences not just in her body weight, but also how happier [she] has become overall. I have had absolutely no gut issues where a year ago we were having issues with ulcers.

- Jaqi A. (Mebane, NC)

What Our Horse Owners Are Saying

The differences I can tell appearance-wise is definitely the muscle definition, especially in his neck. Also, under saddle he has a lot of energy and is very willing. He hasn’t been lazy in months, which used to be a huge issue with us. Right now he definitely seems the happiest that he’s ever been since I’ve had him, and I’ve had him for 10 years.

- Bridget N. (Willow Springs, NC)

What Our Horse Owners Are Saying

So incredibly happy and blessed that I found Allie who is incredibly knowledgeable and a smart young woman. Teaching one owner at a time while improving their horses lives! 100/10!

- Leslie W. (Pittsboro, NC)