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What Our Horse Owners Are Saying

I have been feeding this to my horses for a little more than a month now and I am seeing a huge difference in their coat and their hooves. My old guy has gotten a little pep in his step that I have not seen in quite a while. All their coats gleam in the sunshine and is soft as cotton. And on top of all that the customer service is that of 1940! Allie has made several visits to our place to check out horses condition and she delivers! So happy with this transition. I would recommend it to any of my horse friends.

- Amy P. (Burlington, NC)

I decided to switch to Aterak due to several metabolic horses and how this different diet could benefit them.

I started to see a noticeable difference after about 3 months of using Aterak. 

- Kirsten T. (Roxboro, NC)

I saw a complete change in Ginger's temperament as her attitude improved, she was more social and more active and just acted happier overall. I saw this difference within the first few months of feeding Aterak.

- Karen S. (Mount Olive, NC)

Flourish Complete

Flourish is our complete feed, which means it contains ALL of the necessary daily grain and hay, no additional hay or supplements are required. This provides convenience and consistency while traveling or competing, or while consistent hay is not available, for instance, in the wintertime. It’s an excellent choice for horses that bolt their food, older horses or horses with dental issues.

For optimal nutrition, feed 10-15lbs per day per 1000lb equine. 

Metabolic Miracle

Metabolic Miracle was specifically created for the horse or pony with Cushings, Founder, and/or Laminitis. This feed has no grain but all the vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, probiotics, beta glucans, and essential oils needed to maintain optimal health despite a metabolic disease. When combined with grass hay, this feed has transformed dozens of equines! Veterinarian recommended and supported.

For optimal nutrition, feed 1lb per day per 100lb of bodyweight. 


Signature is an excellent choice for show jumpers, barrel racers, eventing, or endurance horses. Short term and long term energy complete with prebiotics, probiotics, and Beta Glucan. Allows horses to maintain digestive health and optimal weight during stressful competitions and lifestyles.

For optimal nutrition, feed 5-8lbs per day for 1000lb equine. Best if fed in two feedings of 4lbs each.

*For horses in heavy training/competition, 12-15lbs per day may be needed. 


Duration is a perfect blend of textured grain, pellets, and chopped alfalfa hay along with PP&B for the active recreational horse to obtain all the necessary nutrients to reach their utmost potential. Also a good choice for horses prone to digestive upset/diarrhea.

For optimal nutrition, feed 6-8lbs per day for 1000lb equine. Best if fed in two feedings of 4lbs each. 


Prosper Plus is our maximum nutrition concentrate for horses receiving excellent forage needing a balanced vitamin/mineral diet without the extra calories and sugar. In addition, this blend has added essential oils and prebiotics, probiotics, and Beta Glu​cans. Everything in a super food without the calories!

Excellent choice for competing easy keeper! For optimal nutrition, feed 1lb daily for 1000lb equine. Best if fed half pound twice a day.

*Do not over feed this product.


Transition is our cool energy feed, complete with beet pulp, pellets, high quality vitamin/mineral blend, essential oils, prebiotics, probiotics, and Beta Glucans. Excellent choice for horses recovering from an injury that need all the nutrition without the extra energy.

For optimal nutrition, feed 6-8lbs per day for 1000lb equine. Best if fed in two feedings of 4 lbs each.


Radiance is a concentrated version of our popular formula, Flourish. This means you are able to feed less while still getting all of the necessary vitamins and minerals, and you can easily transition your equine from one to the other throughout the year as forage/hay become available. Radiance is a forage-based delivery system for slow-releasing energy, so your equine feels balanced throughout the day. Veterinarian recommended and supported.

For optimal nutrition, feed 5-8lbs per 1000 lbs of equine per day. 

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