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Stay up to date with all things Aterak! 

ATERAK NUTRITION - Grain Tip Tuesday: Inspecting Your Feed & Clumps

One of the most important things horse owners should do is inspect their feed prior to feeding. Having a well-lit feed room is helpful. Inspecting your feed can reveal things like clumps...but, not all clumps are bad! Here is some info on inspecting your feed and examples of clumps you may find.

Aterak Nutrition - Grain Tip Tuesday: 

Why You Should Watch Your Horse Eat

Watching your horse eat can give you lots of important information about their eating habits and issues related to why they may not finish their food. Healthy eating habits include productive chewing, swallowing, not coughing, not dropping food, and finishing all of the food in the feed pan. Watch the video for examples of productive eating and what to look for in the feed pan! ​

ATERAK NUTRITION - Thank you, customers!

A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR ATERAK FAMILY MEMBERS! Without your support and encouragement, we probably wouldn't spread our wings to new platforms (like Youtube!) and push ourselves to deliver to you brand new content and answers to common questions.

Aterak Nutrition - Grain Tip Tuesday: 

Nutrition is not a Recipe

Nutrition is not a recipe, and exchanging certain ingredients for others, or simply omitting important ones is not a simple feat. Qualities and nutrients are lost in exchanging certain things for others, such as exchanging soybeans for flax. It is important to remember that each horse's nutrition is completely unique to them!

ALLISON TRILL of ATERAK NUTRITION | Tips for Entrepreneurs: Find your Team!

For all of those small business owners out there trying to start, establish, and grow their own businesses, here's a tip for you! Find your team - this does not mean your paid employees handling day to day tasks, this is your group of trusted mentors to help you bounce ideas off of and to help objectively analyze your performance and strategies.

Aterak Nutrition - Grain Tip Tuesday: 

Paul Dunn Speaks on Soybeans

Soy is a large topic in the equine nutrition industry. Paul Dunn, owner of Mule City Feeds in Benson NC speaks about how the process of milling soybeans in Aterak feed impacts the quality of the nutrition opposed to other methods of processing, as found in other types of commercial horse feed.

ALLISON TRILL of ATERAK NUTRITION | Tips for Entrepreneurs: Be Transparent!

One of the biggest challenges that I have faced as an entrepreneur is customers and community members having unrealistic expectations or assumptions about the success of my business. My advice to small-business owners and other entrepreneurs is to be open, honest and transparent about the stage of growth that your business is in, as well as to always convey the true value of the product and service you're offering. Customers - SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SMALL BUSINESSES!

Aterak Nutrition | CUSHING'S SERIES: What are NSC's? | Grain Tip Tuesday

Our newest video series for Grain Tip Tuesday: ALL ABOUT CUSHING'S! Today we dive into what NSC's are, or non-structural carbohydrates. They're very important for your horse's overall health! 

Aterak Nutrition | CUSHING'S SERIES: NSC'S For Fat Synthesis | Grain Tip Tuesday

We’re back with another video in our NSC series - a very popular and widely debated horse feed topic! Last video we explained what NSC’s are. Today, here’s some more info on why NSC’s are so essential for horses and how they help breakdown fat.

Aterak Nutrition | CUSHING'S SERIES: What does "Low NSC" mean? | Grain Tip Tuesday

We’re back with another video in our NSC series - a very popular and widely debated horse feed topic! Here, we arm you will all of the info you need to know about what "low NSC" means when you see it on a feed label. We hope to provide you with the information you need to know exactly what is in your equine's feed! Stay tuned for the next video in ur NSC series! ​

ATERAK NUTRITION| Cushing's Series: Does my horse need a low NSC diet? | Grain Tip Tuesday

Our next video discusses why your horse should or should not be on a low-NSC diet, and what the differences are. Stay tuned for more videos in this series!

ATERAK NUTRITION | Cushing's Series: How Metabolic Miracle Relates to NSC's? | Grain Tip Tuesday

Our latest video from our NSC series discusses our very own feed blend, Metabolic Miracle, how it relates to the NSC discussion and how it affects conditions such as Cushing's. If you have any questions about any of our feeds, what they can do for your horse(s), or you are interested in our nutritional analysis consult, please contact us with the info below!

ATERAK NUTRITION | How It's Made: Aterak Signature

We pride ourselves in being transparent and honest with our customers about our ingredients and processes that go into creating our superior horse feeds! We put together a short video to show all of our customers exactly how we make one of our most popular feeds - Signature - from mill to bag!

Aterak Nutrition at Duke's Jump for the Children 2019

 We love being a part of special events like Jump for the Children that not only showcase the talent of equestrian sports, but also support and raise awareness for a good cause like childhood cancer. We are honored to be a part of this event annually as a vendor, and we look forward to sharing this fantastic show experience with Aterak customers and fellow horse owners from all over the country!

ATERAK NUTRITION | Why do horses stop drinking? | Grain Tip Tuesday

Our founder, Allison Trill, addresses the big "why" surrounding why our horses tend to not drink as much water in the cold months. Heated water buckets? Beet pulp? She talks about all of it! Watch all the way to the end!

ATERAK NUTRITION | How It's Made: Extruded Soybeans

We did a previous video about how we made our Signature feed at our mill. Now we would like to show you how we extrude and process our fresh soybeans - a crucial ingredient in many of our feed blends!

ATERAK NUTRITION | Aterak Delights Original

ATERAK DELIGHTS! Available to order on our website in Original, Energy and Low-Sugar options! So much nutrition 

& goodness packed into a single treat.

ATERAK NUTRITION | Let's Talk: The Equine Supplement Industry

Are equine feed companies providing whole & balanced nutrition to our horses? And why does the equine supplement industry gross such a large amount of money each year? Let's talk about it! ​

ATERAK NUTRITION | Grain Tip Tuesday | Longstem Forage 

Let's talk about long stem forage - what is it, and why is it important? 

ATERAK NUTRITION | Grain Tip Tuesday | Longstem Forage Pt. 2

How much forage is the right amount of forage? Let's talk about it!

ATERAK NUTRITION | Thank you for making 2021 Aterak's Best Year!

As we look into 2021, we reflect back on the struggles of 2020 and the drastic effects of Covid-19 on our business. Small businesses all over the country have been struggling, and the love and support of our customers is the only thing that will help us to continue to provide excellent products and services. Please help make 2021 Aterak's best year by helping spread the word about our brand and referring us to people who could benefit from the products and services we offer. We need your help to survive this pandemic and come out even stronger on the other side! THANK YOU - we greatly appreciate your continued support of our brand! 

Aterak Through the Years | ATERAK NUTRITION

Let's take a look back on how Aterak has grown over the past 4 years. We're so excited to enter in to 2021