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Nutritional Analysis Consultations

Contact Aterak Nutrition to set up an on-site consultation today! This is NOT a feed presentation. We assess and analyze all of the aspects of nutritional health and wellness in your horse, and discuss potential nutritional causes if you horse is not performing at their best, including possible allergies, pasture health (soil, water, forage), and nutrient imbalances. We will discuss our findings and help you determine the best nutritional path to bring out the best in them. Pricing for a nutrition consultation is dependent on location and the number of horses being looked at. Consults are available for individual owners and for boarding or training barns. Please contact us to book your 

nutrition analysis consult!

What our customers are saying

Allison takes her time and never seems rushed. She instills confidence in the owner in helping them with their knowledge and understanding of their horses nutrition.

- Jerri M. 

I loved the consultation and I learned so much about how the correct feed helps the over all health of the horse, especially older horses.

- Sarah S.

The consultation process was very informative and I was glad that someone was as knowledgeable and committed to a high quality feed option as Allison was.

- Jaime W.